Trump and Hitler! America and Austria!

As Austria was going from an independent country to an integral part of Germany, Hitler’s “stars” were entering in March of 1938.  Herman Goring went to see the former home of his Jewish godfather, but he made speeches that we can easily compare to Trump’s speeches.  He spoke that 300,000 Jews had been responsible for the plight of Vienna’s poor (there were less than 200,000 Jews in Vienna).  Sounds like Trump could have learned something along the way to the White House?  And he also claimed that everyone knew a good Jew, but the Jewish problem had to be solved.  He also reflected on the suicides taking place among Jews, pointing out that he could not have the police watch every Jew in Vienna.  The answer was to self-deport.  And Trump spoke about “some” Mexicans being good people. When Adolf Eichmann arrived in Vienna in March, among other things that he told people was that he was born in Palestine (a lie like the Trump lies about being from Switzerland instead of from Germany).

Jews had to be encouraged to get out in 1938 just as immigrants who cross the border have to feel under Trump-like Hitler policies or do I mean Hitler-like Trump policies that don’t belong here.  Hitler had to deal with 200,000 or fewer Jews in 1938 in Austria.  There were suicides going on that affected everyone just as I reported the suicides taking place due to Trump’s policies at the border.  January 1938 88 suicides 5 Jews February 62 suicides 4 Jews March 213 suicides 79 Jews April 138 suicides 62 Jews.  Anti-Nazi, Colonel Deloge was offered the editorship of the a pro-Nazi “organ” and he committed suicide leaving a sign that said “I cannot serve the Godless.” 

But all Jews, in particular, should think about changing their minds as they read this and do more to influence others to abandon Trump.  Upon entering his former hometown of Linz, Hitler went to see Eduard Bloch, a Jewish doctor in that town that Hitler had known.  The doctor’s sign had been desecrated smeared with the word Jude for Jew.  Two SS men went to clean up the sign.  This little-known fact of history shows that we should stop arguing over whether Trump is racist or not.  We should suspend arguments as well that I guess I could write about including that Trump is not anti-immigrant.  There is a lot of evidence that Trump wants to convince American voters that he is right about even bringing in legal immigrants.  Among my thoughts and they are many, Trump may go after members of my own family based on all this new information.  And remember that Trump, the hypocrite. Hired immigrants outside the country to work on his properties both before and after the election.  But it could be argued that a hypocrite and great liar can be president of the United States.  It’s Constitutional!  I will conclude the information of Dr. Bloch shortly, but I can tell you that there were people around Hitler who knew in 1938 that he was mentally unstable and there were those who conspired to get him out.  As you absorb this information and I hope that people will volunteer to get rid of Trump now and that Jews can be united, if not perfectly united.  Stephen Miller well over a year ago stated that a long time ago as the massive immigration, that his office is confronting, actually led to a drop of forty percent in the graduation of African Americans in the United States.  I will not deflect any accusation that some jobs were taken away from African Americans over the years and perhaps even more jobs appeared to be taken by immigrants as African Americans voiced their objections.  I know that the same voices were raised as Afro Caribbean men, women, and children arrived in the United States, some of whom became famous.  It’s normal to complain about this, but it also took place at a time when African Americans were affected by the policies of Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton and that was mass incarceration which I have never seen blamed on the immigrants who did not provoke people to commit crimes.  There wasn’t even a backlash that I can remember, except for those organized backlashes that often started with African Americans being mistreated by immigrants with businesses. 

This is a White House that is so defective.  Trump is telling Americans that it was his idea to negotiate with the Taliban and now he has flip flopped and said it is his idea to halt those negotiations because of the violent terrorist act in which the Taliban took responsibility.  This is the Israeli approach that has resulted in no peace, which hardly affects the typical American.  We Jews deal with it much more and we need a solution that will not arrive in ten years or do many Jews not care if there is no peace within the next ten years?  That could be true.  Stephen Miller’s work also reminds me of the studies that we have noticed that were so false, so fake.  For example there was a study that claimed that coffee causes cancer.  The people who conducted the research never took into account the variable that many coffee drinkers are chain smokers.  I’m sure that you, the reader, know about a study that was wrong.  We have also learned that the small aspirin does not help in keeping people from heart attacks.  And that many supplements do little or nothing for us, but we are sucked into buying into those products. 

Hitler had an important caring relationship to Eduard Bloch, the Jewish doctor.  You see Hitler’s mother had cancer and a Jew was her doctor.  This situation existed and exists all over the world as Jews have saved the lives of people who have become enemies.  And Hitler’s mother, Clara, was dying.  Trump has a Jewish family and Jewish backers in government and industry.  So what!  Hitler was Hitler and Trump is Trump.  I want to see anti-Trump and pro-Trump people volunteer to Dump Trump now.  And what Hitler did by his visit to Dr. Bloch shows that a leader can make exceptions as he creates the worst, harmful policies for people.  Learn from this lesson now, before it is too late.

And Adolf Eichmann was keen on “Zionism” because it would get the Jews out of Germany and Austria and into Palestine.  And the Nazis used divide and rule against Jews.  You can see that the really disloyal Jews were the assimilationists who wanted to stay in their country.  And today even aside from the question of Israel, lots of Jews remain seriously divided for other reasons that people can hide behind.  I even get turned off by Democrats who wish to invade the party when I know that they will promote little change for the masses of the people.  I can agree with one about impeaching Trump, but what about his platform to help Puerto Rico and other things.

And in only one month, the rights that Jews acquired were taken away, making them live in Germany and Austria as though it was 1867.  I know that my friends in the African American community can relate to that date.  Things were that bad even though the mass extermination of Jews had not taken place.

We cannot compare the pre-Holocaust conditions taking place in Austria (and Germany) to what is taking place here today as Trump policies decimate immigrants at the border and immigrants within our nation.  What I mean to say is that we cannot compare exactly what is taking place, but the reading of just a few pages in March of 1938 do appear to be strikingly Trump and Trump at his best.  And Jews should keep in mind that Adolf Eichmann, the other Adolf, was playing a major role in policy in Austria at that time.   

Hitler’s speech on March 25 in Konigsberg presented his case as the “chosen one” as he said, “I also believe that it was God’s will that from here (Austria) a boy was to be sent into the Reich, allowed to grow to manhood, and be raised to become the nation’s Fuhrer, that he might lead his homeland into the Reich.”  And we have seen the same thing about Trump.

Eichmann told “important representatives of Zionist bodies” about his great plans for Jews and paramount among those plans at this time in history was sending Jews to Palestine.  It was expulsion, of course, but this point had to be made since the Hitler Administration while being anti-Semitic was granting the wishes of Zionist Jews.  This move tore at the fabric of Jewry at that time and divided Jews more than before.  And there were demands made upon the rich to help the poor succeed as between 120-180 rich Jews had to finance the exodus of poor Jews. 

We recall the statement that Trump made of Mexico not sending us their best people and then the attack on immigrants using MS-13 and other killers to stir hysteria in the United States.  Der Sturmer, the Nazi propaganda machine, in issue 52 mentioned Archbishop Lang of Canterbury who seemed to praise Hitler’s Germany before the British House of Lords, but who later organized Jews and Christians to pray for the prisoners in Austria, said that he was “standing up for Jewish assassins.”

Jews were going to new places to survive.  Shanghai was mentioned in my previous article on Austria in 1938.  There were 9,500 legally registered Jews there and 1,500 “unofficial” migrants.  Only 350 found work in order to survive more easily.

With all the mention of the Balfour Declaration among Zionist organizations in the United States, the British had a new policy in place by 1939 to keep Palestine Arab.  The Jewish population was capped at 75,000 unless the Arabs agreed to increase that number.  Over a six-year period, more than 51,000 Jews had arrived “illegally” in Palestine.  This new policy was years in the making and Jewish retaliation against the Arabs played a role.  The English wanted to end Jewish entry into Palestine and the Nazis wanted Jews to emigrate.  There was even a popular board game that sold close to a million copies in Germany called “Juden raus” with caricatures of Jews that could rival those in Der Sturmer. 

England had no visa restrictions as of 1927 for Germany and Austria and that changed dramatically later on to keep Jews out. 

And Jews were not the only target in Austria in March of 1938.  “Black ravens” were another opposition of the Nazis.  It probably would take only a few pages of reading about March in Austria 1938 by Giles MacDonogh to start convincing people more about Trump.  Even at that time, a crowd of Austrian Nazis was chanting to throw Cardinal Theodor Innitzer into the canal (in Linz).  That reminds me of the “lock her up” chants by Repugnicans in 2016.  These were Catholics who held great power in the “corporatist state” of Austria during the days of the republic.  Hitler assured church leaders that as long as they remained “loyal” to him the church would have no trouble.  The Vatican had a fit when it found out about the beginnings of misplaced loyalty.  The courage of the Archbishop of Linz who spoke that National Socialism was incompatible with Catholicism soon stopped as well.   Protestants, of course, wished to destroy that power.  We can recall attacks on John F. Kennedy as he ran for president, attacks citing papal control in America with Kennedy.  And even today in America, that history resonates as people are seeking government funds for Catholic schools which Protestants had a major role in preventing decades ago.  Why would Catholics require payment for students if government money had been designated for that purpose?  This is all about the political divisions among people that continue to affect us.  But it is also true that some of Trump’s politic is compatible with people of faith, but not enough is being done to stop other major aspects of his politics by all faiths in America.  Even in Trump’s twitter war, Pastor Jonathon Carl called Trump a “lightweight” and I don’t see Jonathan Carl going far enough in his criticism.  Carl is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention that needs a great overhaul.  And voting counts more than words. 

The divisions were promoted by fear and this takes place uniformly in the White House weather or not you believe Trump’s template for government and his weather forecasts.  People who fought anti-Semitism, for example, at the university level were falling into place to obey the new master race.  And Jewish divisions share something in common with that as Trump’s support of Israel, his comments about the Anschluss in the Middle East (if Netanyahu gets elected next week, and his little support against anti-Semitism are heralded instead of being scrutinized and opposed by some Jews (but not this one).  His serious major faults in fighting crime and violence in our nation and his foreign policy leadership after two and a half years shows no real progress.  He misled the American people who still remain largely uninformed.  Russia is about to develop new nuclear missiles, North Korea was not stopped from testing missiles, talks with the Taliban break off which could easily lead to more terrorism soon, no Middle East peace plan after all these years, forcing El Salvador and other triangle countries into an agreement even as the current president indicated on video news that the immigration to the United States will not stop, and no Trump victory over Iran.  Trump has been a flop as he divides Americans.  And this is not about the reasons that are indicated today for his decline in approval which was mostly about the perception of a recession and the Trump trade war with China.

I say that just like Hitler, Trump can get worse the way that he treats people.  I recall that he did have a book about Hitler at his bedside a long time ago.  We read that in the news, but we could not confirm just what he learned.  Until now?  We got rid of Hitler and now is the time to rid ourselves of Trump.  I was born 1945 and between now and 2020 all of us need to be reborn to protect our democracy and all its people.  And right now it’s not Better in the Bahamas, but we would be Better Off Without Trump.  Trump is now threatening to create obstacles that would hinder the Bahamian people.  I

n Austria 1938, the effort to gain a visa was full of the most horrendous, time consuming tiers of things that had to be done.  There was fraud involved and often Jews who had gone through many of the procedures had to begin all over.  The level of desperation was heightened by Hitler’s procedures.  There was a certificate of fiscal harmlessness, then payments, then a visit to obtain a certificate of domicile, then a visit to the district commissioner’s department in the town hall, then a visit to the Accountancy Department of the central tax office and the district tax office, then to step two if the person had the money to pay for the emigration tax, then a visit to a place where the Jew’s assets were released and a certificate of good conduct was issued, that’s when Jew’s could be forced to start all over as they could be assigned by the Nazis to clean up things and lose their turn, then to stage three where to obtain a passport which involved being interrogated at a police station, and then on to two other offices that Jews dreaded to go to.  And finally Jews had to swear that they were never going to return to Austria.  And Trump is for extreme vetting.  Where did he learn it from?

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